Are You Interested In Learning More About Healthy Start?

"I love the Healthy Start program...3 of my kids are in it!"

My name is Dr. John Peterson and I want to invite you to learn more about HealthyStart! I have created 3 videos that explains what HealthyStart is and the advantages it has over traditional braces. The best part? Each video is less than 2 minutes long. 
Advantage #1: 
There is a way to have Straight Teeth without worrying about Retention...
By the way...if you get braces retention will aLWAYS be a worry!
Advantage #2
Where Braces are only concerned with Esthetics...
Healthy Start Is Concerned With So Much More!
Advantage #3
9 out of 10 Kids Suffer From at least one Symptom related to Sleep Disordered Breathing...
And Healthy Start Has Solutions...Braces Definitely Do Not!
Do You See Why I Love This Program?
HealthyStart has had a huge impact on my patients, staff and my own family. I am excited to see what HealthyStart can do for your children. As a thank you for taking the time to learn about HealthyStart please accept this $250 Voucher for HealthyStart by clicking the button below.
BTW If you would want more information, than I have a 30 minute Webinar giving a more 
detailed explanation of the Healthy Start System and why I love it!
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